Willie Diggs: Man, the weekend is designed, first of all, to have a party!

Brian Mitchell: We are here at Westfields Golf Club in Clifton, Virginia. This is the Fred Couples course, an unbelievable course.

My foundation basically helps supports breast cancer and the American Heart Association. We do different things for people around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These people are paying great money to play in the tournament, great money to come here and support the cause. I want to make sure that the athletes that come here are guys that have a personality and know how to talk and how to entertain. Vernon Leftwist, Jay Walker, Marcus Stanton, and Michael Bush, who plays now with the Chicago Bears, are here. We have 18-20 celebrities, and we have about 19 teams. Those guys will be paired with a foursome to go out and have fun.

It isn’t about guys being so great at golf; it’s about going out and being able to entertain and talk with the people about different things. A lot of people never get the opportunity to hang with a celebrity for about 4 ½-5 hours. And they’ll be having a couple of little drinks, so you never know what kind of lies they will be telling (laughter).

Willie Diggs: I don’t know if you’ve noticed some of the people around here, they’re all out of control. They’re having a great time; they’re laughing and joking, they’re making donations to Brian Mitchell’s Foundation, to the Willie Diggs Foundation, and to Sibley Hospital, where we donate money every year. 

Brian Mitchell: My mom and dad taught me to be a giver, so I get a chance to play golf and help out those great causes.

Willie Diggs: I wouldn’t be standing here before you, as a person that grew up in Southeast D.C., and people wouldn’t have taken the time out to do these things for me that I am now giving back. All I’m doing is returning what you’ve done for me.

Brian Mitchell: We want to grow this thing to be a three-day event.

Willie Diggs: This right here is Donnie Simpson, and you talk about big time in this area, to have him out here—our tournament is moving up baby. We’re moving up in the world. Now I feel special!