While a large sponsored event can be a significant investment, the ability to communicate with your staff and donors one-on-one can create brand loyalty and professional relationships that last a lifetime. If your company's future relies on the success of your annual gathering, Brian Mitchell can turn your regular sales conference or yearly fundraiser into a highly-anticipated event.

Bringing People Together to Move Toward a Common Goal

Businesses reap substantial rewards by honoring and entertaining clients and employees, especially if they provide the chance to interact with well-known personalities. However, Super Bowl champion Brian Mitchell isn’t just another hand-shaking celebrity. Brian’s natural ease with his fans and down-to-earth character can add weight to your company’s message while ensuring that a good time is had by all.

Brian participates in a wide variety of large and small events, including:

  • Corporate events. Your event offers the opportunity to grow and cultivate the teams within your organization, and nobody understands this better than NFL great Brian Mitchell.  Brian has been a part of many teams throughout his career on and off the field and knows the importance of building a cohesive unit to achieve the goals that have been set. Whether you are seeking a presence for an awards banquet, sales meeting, conference, client hospitality reception, sales incentive program, or another event, Brian can bring joy and inspiration to your attendees.
  • Customer promotions. From the grand opening of a new location or sweepstakes winner ceremony to a simple meet and greet with your valued clients, Brian dedicates himself to the appreciation of your customers and brand. His special guest appearance at retail promotions and consumer recognition events is sure to widen your customer base.
  • Conventions. Brian’s participation in trade shows, expos, pop-up booths, and panel discussions allows you to grow your audience, attracting potential clients from far-flung areas. Instantly recognizable as the co-host of NBC Sports Washington, his ability to interact with fans bolsters your message, extending its reach into untested markets.
  • Fundraisers. Brian is dedicated to giving back to his own community and is eager to participate in donor recognition banquets and awareness campaigns or act as master of ceremonies for all manner of charity events. Brian’s guest appearance will be a guaranteed talking point at your next fundraiser, instilling generosity and positivity that keeps your donations on track.
  • Athletic events. As an avid golfer, Brian regularly participates in celebrity golf outings and is happy to engage in meet-and-greet events before and after games. His passion for athletics makes him a natural choice for throwing the first pitch at a baseball game or game day promotions, while his post-NFL career gives him the ability to reach out to athletes who are uncertain about their futures.
  • College and NFL recruitment. Unwilling to let his wealth of football knowledge go to waste, Brian acts as a consultant for universities and team managers on specific positions, gameplay, draft picks, season analysis, training, and other topics that are important to coaches and players.

Your Audience Can Take Home More Than Motivation

In order for your event to have long-lasting success, your supporters need something to think about long after the night is over. Brian is a master of crowd interaction, taking pictures with attendees, signing autographs, and offering signed photographs as souvenirs to remind them of your event. The love of the game creates a sense of nostalgia and fellowship that is inextricably joined to your business as host of the festivities.

Brian responds to all manner of invitations and will not hesitate to accept an offer if he believes he can benefit you or your supporters. Brian always shows up at his best, ready to motivate and entertain audiences and guide them to move as a team in the right direction. If you would like to inquire about Brian’s availability or have a question about scheduling Brian for your next event, please fill out the contact form on this page.