Although he is best known as a Super Bowl champion and pro athlete, Brian Mitchell has an accessible and engaging personality that makes him a natural at public speaking. Brian brings real-world experience and a welcoming presence to every event, creating a connection with the audience that will ensure your message is heard. Whether you are hosting a small local gathering or hundreds of guests, Brian’s custom message, down-to-earth charm, and personal stories are sure to make a lasting impact.

Taking His Message of Hard Work and Collaboration Nationwide

Brian believes in delivering practical advice in a fun and energizing way and is available to audiences nationwide who want to be inspired to do more. His stories often revolve around hard work, the value of leadership, and working as a team to build success that lasts. Not only can Brian captivate an audience, he is also proud of the reputation he has built as a public figure and is always professional and accommodating to fans and attendees.

Brian can be scheduled for talks such as:

  • Keynote addresses. Brian knows that audiences are unlikely to respond to dry statistics and sales projections, no matter how vital they are to a company’s success. When he steps up to the podium, he delivers your corporate message with a mix of entertainment and education, giving your attendees a great experience with real takeaway value. Brian does not have one canned speech for all occasions. Instead, he researches your business, learns about your goals for the event, and develops a custom address that combines your message most effectively with his own experiences.
  • Commencement speeches. Brian brings a unique perspective to commencements, honors ceremonies, and other educational events. As a child, his parents impressed upon him the importance of education—a message he has carried to others throughout his life. Brian’s well-established reputation on social media makes him equally well-known among academic and athletic audiences, implementing the hashtag #astoldbybmitch on quotations to inspire his followers. Brian can connect with students and give them a real and relatable perspective for life after college, helping young people prepare for the future.
  • Athletic insights. Brian regularly speaks to athletes from all sports at all levels of play, advising them on much more than the game. He draws on his contributions as a running back for the Washington Redskins, counseling professional and amateur athletes on transitioning to a successful career. He has advised his fellow NFL players about current career options as well as planning for the future to build a gratifying life after football. At the high school and college level, he engages with young athletes and impresses upon them the need for an education in addition to physical prowess.
  • Q&A sessions. Brian’s wealth of experience makes him an optimal choice for interviews, consulting, coaching, panel discussions, and other opportunities to deliver opinions and advice.
  • Television and radio appearances. As a seasoned television and radio presenter, Brian is a credible authority for media appearances covering sports and athletic events.
  • Personal appearances. Brian looks at every opportunity to address a crowd, and no event is too small for his central message of preparation or strong work ethic.
  • Personal messages. Brian has partnered with Cameo, a service that delivers a custom video message from a celebrity to remote audiences.

As one of the most renowned football players in the world, Brian always shows up at his best and ready to play, invested in the success of your enterprise as if it were his own. His belief in the transformative qualities of hard work and dedication appeal to all kinds of audiences, while his friendliness and positivity resonate long after the event is over. If you would like to learn more about Brian’s keynote addresses or would like to schedule a talk at your next event, please fill out the contact form.