Brian Mitchell lives by the classic Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Although he grew up from modest means in a big Louisiana family, he was taught early in life to appreciate everything he had, including the opportunities that were presented to him. As a Super Bowl champion and well-known football authority, Brian realized he could have an even greater impact by appearing at events to raise money for charity.

Giving Back to the Community Through Appearances and Involvement

Brian believes that the best way to repay a kindness is to pay it forward. He acknowledges that many people have helped him throughout his career with advice, guidance, and friendship, and offers these tools to people and national charitable organizations who need that help to succeed.

Brian has made a difference to at-risk children and struggling communities by:

  • Attending football camps for underprivileged kids
  • Cooking the food and cheering teams at a youth league football state championship
  • Kicking off a breakfast for school kids for National Healthy Eating Day
  • Attending events to benefit his local chapter of the Salvation Army
  • Sponsoring disadvantaged students and classrooms
  • Donating funds and memorabilia

A Strong Mentor for Athletes at All Levels of Play

Many high school and college athletes have stars—or, more accurately, dollar signs—in their eyes. They've heard all the stories about NBA or NFL prospects who have been drafted right after graduation and ink contracts with millions of dollars in signing bonuses. What many of these kids don't know—and what Brian can help them to understand—is that most prospects don't ever make it into professional sports, and even those who do have to prepare for life off the playing field. 

Brian mentors young athletes across all sports and leagues, focusing on:

  • Goal setting. Brian attributes his success during his NFL career and after to his persistence in achieving goals. However, this isn’t a talent you are born with; it is a skill you learn. Brian explains how to set short-term and long-term goals and how to get into the habit of writing them down and ticking them off one by one until it becomes a way of life.
  • Staying in school. While young athletes need to make sports front and center in their lives, that doesn't mean they should skip classes or not study for tests. Brian is well aware that the vast majority of prospects never make it into the pros, and those who do often have very short careers. Instead of focusing on poor academic performance or discouraging kids from pursuing a career in sports, Brian offers his wise words and experience to prepare young athletes for the world they want to enter in a way that will make them sit up and listen.
  • Staying humble. Brian believes it is crucial to remind all athletes that a career in sports is not the only thing that makes life worth living. Athletes cannot afford to sacrifice their communication skills, teamwork, or relationships with fans and the media—no matter how talented they are. All successful people have acquired self-taught skills that complement their talent, allowing them to cultivate professional relationships and build a strong reputation.
  • Planning for the future. With 13 years in the NFL, Brian is uniquely positioned to warn young prospects about the numerous promising careers he has seen cut short by injury, arrogance, or a failure to perform. One day, probably sooner rather than later, their athletic careers will be over—and if they've gotten too used to the rush of adulation and attention, they may slip into some bad habits when they're out of the public eye. Brian instills the importance of never taking anything for granted, and offers tips and advice to prepare players for life after pro sports.

Brian has a deep belief in the ability of hard work to transform lives, and his easygoing nature and generous spirit are a boon to all fundraising events. Search our news page to see how Brian’s time and appearances have helped national and local nonprofits benefit the public good.