Transcript: What I think makes a great team is when everybody is believing in the exact same thing. And then on top of that, the weakest person on the team has to be as strong as some of the strongest people on the other teams.

So many times, we focus so much on the starters of a football team, we focus on the top-level managers in the company, and we forget about the people that are actually doing the dirty work. I think that when your weakest link is strong, then all of a sudden, your team is strong.

When you have the same common beliefs, and everybody believes in the exact same thing, then you are going to go out there and you can focus on one thing, and things work out for you.

But, ultimately, it’s when people care about each other. I look at the Washington Redskins, and we were successful and went to the Super Bowl. The guys didn’t just practice and hang out together at the park, we hung out together on the weekends, we went out together, we went on different vacations together, and you saw a lot of success. Because, when you believe in a person and care for a person, and you see them as a friend, you are going to work a lot harder for them.

You look at a lot of teams where the guys go to practice, and when they leave, they all go their separate ways, and they are very unsuccessful. Sometimes you just have a better team, and you can go out and beat somebody. But over the long haul, if you are not a caring bunch of guys that are working together for one common goal, then you are not going to be successful at all.