Transcript: You have biographies and autobiographies—I think that everybody should write their own autobiography. You go out there and tell the world who you are. Don’t let the world tell you who you are.

So many times, I hear guys say, “Well, I wanted to be this, but my counselor told me I should be that. I’m not happy with it.” Well, you know you better than anybody else. You know what you can do, what you like, and what you don’t like. And if you go out there and you begin to look for the things that you like and put your interest and your work into it, you’re going to become a person that is going to be successful and happy. You are going to do something that you love doing instead of ending up doing things you don’t.

You have so many people saying, “I hate my job.” Well, why are you in that job?  Because somebody else told them what they should do. So this is what I know for certain: there are people that make less money, but they are far happier. There are people that make a lot of money, and they ’re unhappy. You’d think that they don’t make any money because they are miserable. So, I think the whole thing is don’t let people dictate to you what you should be or who you are. You go out there, and you do it yourself.