Brian regularly attends parties, charity events, awards banquets, conferences, conventions, fundraising events, and other functions where people need to be inspired or want to have fun with a purpose. Whether you are looking to encourage donors, grow attendance, or motivate volunteers for your organization, Brian’s infectious spirit and positive attitude can make your event a success.


A successful corporate event hinges on the right celebrity booking to entertain and motivate your audience. No matter how many guests attend your event, Brian’s welcoming presence, wise words, and audience participation will make a lasting impact that directly benefits your brand. Contact us today to check Brian’s availability for awards banquets, fundraisers, giveaways, and other events.

Giving BackGiving Back

Brian Mitchell has built relationships with many different charities, interacting with the public and speaking at events to raise awareness for nonprofits. Brian also offers mentorship to young athletes, teaching the importance of proper mindset, work ethic, and preparation before and after a career in professional sports.


Brian Mitchell regularly delivers keynote addresses at commencements, conferences, awards banquets, conventions, trade shows, and anywhere else he can bring his message of the value of hard work and leadership. Contact us today to check Brian’s availability to speak at your next event.