Long before Brian Mitchell was a record-setting running back in the NFL, he was a kid growing up in a small town in Louisiana, struggling to make his pro sports dream a reality. He is the first to acknowledge those who helped him along the way and repays those past kindnesses by guiding and inspiring the younger generation.

Helping Young Sports Stars and Athletes of All Ages

Athletes face many stumbling blocks throughout their careers, and small mistakes can have big consequences if a player is not prepared. Brian can offer advice on every stage of pro sports, from making the team to getting drafted into the NFL and building a postgame career.

Brian reaches out to young athletes in a number of ways, including:

  • Mentoring. Brian regularly mentors athletes as a way of giving back to the community, allowing them to make the most of their careers as early as possible. Not only has the star power to make an impact on young athletes, but he also has the real-world experience to tell them what to expect after college, how to just to life in pro sports, and what they should do now to prepare for the road ahead.
  • Appearances. Through his charity work and sponsored events, Brian often speaks to kids in person and cheers them from the sidelines during championship games. He has attended football camps for underprivileged children and donated his time to cook for the teams at youth league football games, leading by example while making a lasting impact.
  • Positive presence. Always ready to make an impact, Brian regularly chats with the fans he meets in the course of daily life and doesn’t hesitate to sign autographs and pose for pictures to inspire athletes who are just starting out.
  • Social media. Brian is very active on social media, offering advice to young people and fans in his custom hashtag #astoldbybmitch. He answers every question he gets through his social media platforms, bridging the celebrity gap to help those in need.

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