Businesses, schools, and professional organizations can learn a lot from Brian Mitchell's story. From the time he spent preparing for pro-athletics as a high-school and college student to his long football career to his transition out of the NFL, Brian employs real-world skills that translate to any audience.

What Brian Mitchell Brings to a Speaking Engagement

Brian Mitchell may be best known as a record-setting NFL running back, but his broadcasting career after pro football has helped him speak to crowds nationwide. As a motivational speaker, Brian stresses the importance of good communication, goal setting, and team building, kickstarting the future success of your business.

When Brian speaks at your event, you can expect:

  • Research. Rather than use his platform to talk about his own success, Brian does his research into your program, concentrating on the specifics of your organization and recognizing the people who set your business apart from the rest.
  • Accessibility. His career stats may be intimidating, but Brian remains friendly to fans and approachable to audiences, ready to help people wherever he goes. Brian’s welcoming presence puts an audience at ease, making them more open to your organization’s message.
  • Gratitude. Although Brian is one of the most successful football players in the world, he never fails to maintain good relationships with everyone he meets. While some pro-athletes sabotage themselves with arrogance and disrespect, Brian always shows up at his best, earning his reputation through every interaction with fans and guests.
  • Interaction. Business leaders, sales teams, fundraisers, and other audiences need the occasional pep talk to get them working as a team. Brian’s stories always include an element of hard work, the value of never giving up, and collaborating with your peers to get the results you want.
  • Straight-shooting. Brian is well-known for his no-nonsense attitude, delivering your message with a refreshing mix of coaching and entertainment that will continue to resonate after the event is over.​

If you would like to learn more about Brian’s keynote addresses, speeches, and presentations, visit our video page or use our quick contact form to check Brian’s availability to speak at your next event.

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