When people ask Brian how he was able to continue his success after leaving the NFL, he often tells them that a big part of his success is wrapped around how he talks and interacts with people.              

The reputation he was able to make for himself during his college days and professional playing career played—and continues to play—a big role in his life and the opportunities available to him.                    

When you’re playing pro ball, lots of journalists ask for interviews. Brian often saw other football players ignore or dismiss journalists and others who wanted some of their time. However, he’s always thought that you should be mindful of how you interact with people.                       

For one thing, you have a reputation to worry about. A pro ball player might be a hot commodity while they’re in their prime and lots of people might be trying to get their attention. If the ball player blows off those people and acts disrespectfully, that will be noticed. Sadly, lots of professional athletes have developed reputations as being unfriendly to journalists and others.                        

Throughout his playing days, Brian knew that he would need to have a life and a career when he was done running the ball down the field. He knew that the way he treated people became part of his reputation and that this would be how people remembered him later.                        

Brian didn’t want a reputation of being unfriendly or uncooperative. He wanted people to remember that he treated them with respect—that he treated them well!                    

And it worked for him. Some of the journalists and media people that he came into contact with during his playing days were instrumental in landing his post-NFL radio and television opportunities.                        

Brian Mitchell had a fantastic 14-year NFL career and still holds the record as the NFL’s second all-time leader in total yardage. He was able to leverage his playing career into a successful post-NFL career in television and radio. He also speaks with groups of athletes, business leaders, and others, offering guidance on developing reputation, goal setting, and more. If you’re interested in booking Brian Mitchell to talk with a group, contact him at [email protected].

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