Brian Mitchell had a very successful career in the National Football League. He played for 14 seasons, which is a longer playing career than most players are able to have.

It was a good career too, by many standards. Personally, he loved playing the game and using the gifts God gave him. And professionally, he’s still the NFL’s second all-time leader in total yardage, second only to Jerry Rice.

And now he’s regularly on the radio and the television. His career in broadcast sports journalism is exciting and successful.

Guess what? While Brian has always worked hard at what he does, he couldn’t have done any of it by himself. Interacting with other people has always been crucial to every valuable thing he’s accomplished in his life.

When Brian was running the ball and setting records, he was only able to do that because he was part of team, a group with a shared goal and shared commitment. Much of life works this way: Individuals are given the space to excel only because they are part of well-performing teams that support the individual.

Brian Mitchell knows the value of teamwork. Both in his career in the NFL and now a member of radio and television teams, Mitchell has experienced the ways teams can work together to accomplish great things. Mitchell shares his messages on the importance of teamwork, goal setting, and more with numerous groups, including business leaders, professional athletes, and more. If you’d like to book Mitchell to speak to your group, please contact him at [email protected].

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