Brian does his best to make life better for those around him, especially those who may not have the same resources or have fallen on hard times. As one of seven children, Brian was taught to value everything he was given and lives that teaching by giving back to the community whenever he can.

Lending Support to Charities and Organizations Nationwide

From worldwide organizations to grassroots efforts, Brian will consider invitations to support any good cause. He has appeared at grand openings and holiday events to fundraiser galas, using his popularity as a way of celebrating and improving the lives of others.

Brian welcomes the opportunity to work with charities, especially those that support:

  • Underprivileged families. Brian regularly donates his time and money to brighten the lives of families in need.
  • Children. As a father of four, Brian knows how precious young lives are—and how susceptible they are to taking a wrong turn. Brian has attended many events to encourage children to participate in sports as a way of building responsibility and a strong work ethic, setting them on the path to success as early as possible.
  • Military families. Brian has a deep respect for United States servicemen and -women serving the country at home and abroad.
  • Education. Brian is a passionate advocate of education at all levels and knows that academic institutions rely on their employees and students to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Wellness. A lifetime in athletics has stressed the importance of staying fit, listening to the body’s signals, and maintaining regular health checkups. Brian is invested in raising funds and awareness of common threats to health, such as diseases, obesity, and hazardous life choices.

View our charity page to learn more about the ways in which Brian gives back to the community, or use our quick contact form to check Brian’s availability to speak at your next event.

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