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Redskins Super Bowl Champion Brian Mitchell never took anything for granted. As the youngest of seven children raised in a small Louisiana town, Brian saw the value in applying himself in both education and athletics. His perseverance paid off, attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana and starting his football career as a quarterback. More than a decade after his retirement, he remains the NFL's second all-time leader in total yardage and is considered one of the greatest return specialists in NFL history.

Today, Brian is well-known for his radio appearances and co-host duties on several programs for NBC Sports Washington. Never one to shy away from hard work, Brian continues to serve the community through charity events and personal appearances and is ready to deliver his unique brand of inspiration and motivation wherever it is needed.

“No matter where you are in life's journey, there are always lessons to be learned along the way.” #astoldbybmitch

Brian’s ability to deliver a clear and engaging message began in the locker room, encouraging his fellow athletes both on and off the field. He knows what it is to build a life after football, and has advised current and former pro athletes on making a successful transition from the NFL. A passionate advocate for education, Brian loves to address college and university students—both academic and athletic audiences—giving them the tools they need to succeed after graduation.

From throwing the first pitch at a charity baseball game to speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony of your new corporate location, Brian brings his unique motivational style to a wide variety of functions across the United States. Whether you are looking for an engaging keynote speaker, players for your celebrity golf outing (Brian is an avid golfer), or someone who will give your corporate team members the boost they need to grow, Brian will represent your organization with the integrity and skill that has made him the man he is today.

Brian regularly attends parties, charity events, awards banquets, conferences, conventions, fundraising events, and other functions where people need to be inspired or want to have fun with a purpose. Whether you are looking to encourage donors, grow attendance, or motivate volunteers for your organization, Brian’s infectious spirit and positive attitude can make your event a success.

What Brian Mitchell Brings to Your Event

  • Engaging style. Brian is a straight shooter and believes in delivering practical advice in a way that will pull his audience in and make an impression they will take home with them.
  • Relatable presence. As a well-recognized sports personality, Brian has the ability to reach people across all industries, ages, and job functions.
  • Entertainment. Brian has a wealth of stories to captivate any type of audience and knows which tale will best sum up and deliver the root of your message.
  • Seasoned professionalism. As a successful radio and TV host, Brian knows how to present as a trusted authority while still being passionate about the subject matter.
  • A custom message. Rather than deliver a canned speech, Brian does his research into the material and your audience, relating your message to his experiences.
  • Transformative energy. Brian is willing to inspire anyone who is hungry for hope and wants inspiration. His presence is practical, but energizing—and he truly believes that with hard work, you can do anything you want.
  • Sense of community and belonging. Brian may bring memorabilia for a more interactive experience, and his autograph signings and photos with event attendees bring people together to form a lasting business connection.
  • Integrity. Brian is always at his best and is easy to work with (without any unreasonable demands or requests). He never turns down requests for autographs or photos and always greets his fans with a smile.
  • Value. Your clients and employees are not always as invested in your business as you are. Brian can present your message in an engaging way that challenges their way of thinking and inspires and motivates them to take action.

Brian is devoted to making the world a better place through people, and there is no audience that cannot be reached by his charisma and positive attitude. Brian’s goal is for the businesses, schools, and professional organizations he works with to be transformed by hope—and he gives them the tools and the confidence to succeed.

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    Brian Mitchell regularly delivers keynote addresses at commencements, conferences, awards banquets, conventions, trade shows, and anywhere else he can bring his message of the value of hard work and leadership. Contact us today to check Brian’s availability to speak at your next event.


    A successful corporate event hinges on the right celebrity booking to entertain and motivate your audience. No matter how many guests attend your event, Brian’s welcoming presence, wise words, and audience participation will make a lasting impact that directly benefits your brand. Contact us today to check Brian’s availability for awards banquets, fundraisers, giveaways, and other events.

Giving Back

    Brian Mitchell has built relationships with many different charities, interacting with the public and speaking at events to raise awareness for nonprofits. Brian also offers mentorship to young athletes, teaching the importance of proper mindset, work ethic, and preparation before and after a career in professional sports.