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Brian K. Mitchell

Former Professional AthletesFormer Professional Athletes

If a professional athlete hasn't adequately prepared himself for life after retirement, he may wind up in a bad situation—financially, legally or personally. Former NFL player and motivational speaker Brian Mitchell advises athletes who are out of the spotlight about how they can improve their situation in life.

High School and College Sports CampsHigh School and College Sports Camps

Kids who go to high school or college sports camps need to hear what a career in the pros is really about—as well as what to expect when their sports careers come to an end. Motivational speaker Brian Mitchell can teach kids about setting the proper expectations, treating coaches and fellow players with respect, and preparing for a productive life once they're out of the spotlight.

Professional AthletesProfessional Athletes

Motivational speaker Brian Mitchell was once a professional athlete himself, and he knows the numerous, self-sabotaging mistakes pro athletes can make—being arrogant and disrespectful to fans and press, not keeping track of their money, and simply ignoring the prospect of adjusting to life after sports. 

Business LeadersBusiness Leaders

Business leaders, as well as their employees, need the occasional pep talk to get them working as a team. Motivational speaker Brian Mitchell will show you the importance of good communication, goal setting and team building is to the future success of your business.